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The Vapebox

Tell us your favorite flavors, how you like to vape, your nicotine strength, and we'll curate your Vapebox tailored to those preferences. Try well-established brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between. Discover your next favorite mod. Find your next all day vape.

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The Juice Lovers subscription Vapebox features 4 to 5 bottles of juice, 75 ml of eliquid.

The Juice Lovers Box

The Enthusiast subscription Vapebox features 4 to 5 bottles of juice, 75 ml of eliquid, and 1 to 2 pieces of hardware and/or accessories.

The Enthusiast Box

The Vapebox Store

Get exclusive member's only pricing with any Vapebox membership. Stock up on the best products, including customer favorites, exclusive collaborations—and of course everything in your monthly Vapeboxes.

The Enthusiast Vapebox subscription plan is a well balanced combination of e-juice and vape hardware such as mods, variable mods, rebuildable atomizers, and more


Hardware and juice, the balanced combo. The Enthusiast is a favorite among our subscribers and it comes with 75ml of e-liquid, 1-2 pieces of hardware and/or accessories.

Box mods, mechanical mods, tanks, sub-ohm tanks, drip tips, batteries, bluetooth chargers, rebuildable atomizers, genesis-style tanks, cases, you name it. Something new and different every month.

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Juice Lovers

If you love juice, we got the perfect plan for you! Our Juice Lovers plan features 75ml of e-liquid, 4 to 5 different brands/bottles. This is the perfect amount of juice to get you through the month: not too much, not too little.

The Juice Lovers Vapebox Subscription Plan comes with 4-5 bottles of e-liquid, enough to last you a month

Our Brands

When it comes to brands, we work with the best. But best can mean many things, which is why we have such a diverse range of brands. We've shamelessly cherry-picked every category to bring you companies that pour time, research, and love into their products.

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Vapebox brands cards and coupons are included in every single Vapebox purchase. Get discounts, promotional codes delivered to you


Our subscribers are the best! Tag us in your photos or use #VAPEBOX on Instagram or Facebook to be featured on our website! We love seeing that moment when you first open your Vapebox. It's like Christmas every month!

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Personalized and curated just for you.

No two vapers are alike, so your box will be tailored to suit your vaping style. By filling out your Palate Profile after you sign up, you’ll enable us to pick the juices and products that are right for you.

Cameron Cornell's Vapebox palate profile and preferences

Cameron Cornell

  • Intermediate Vaper
  • 6mg Nicotine Preference
  • 60/40 User
  • Prefers Tanks
Shy Kane's Vapebox palate profile and preferences

Shy Kane

  • Experienced Vaper
  • 3mg Nicotine Preference
  • High VG User
  • Prefers Rebuildables
Customize your own palate profile with your favorite flavors and desired nicotine strength


  • ? Vaper
  • ? Nicotine Preference
  • ? User
  • Prefers ?

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